Exploring a specific theme through multidisciplinary courses, making connections, and gaining a sense of belonging are at the heart of these year-long learning communities. If you take part in one, you’ll participate in hands-on activities with your peers before classes even start and in some cases, have the opportunity to live in the same residence halls with your peers. You'll get to register for classes with seats reserved for PBLC students to help you snag a spot in first-year classes that count toward your degree. With the support of a built-in network of faculty and student mentors, you will learn to navigate college life, all while making new friends and being more prepared for your future studies at Cal Poly Humboldt.


PBLC Fact Sheet (PDF)

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What you get from a PBLC:

Classes That Count
Enroll in courses alongside students in your PBLC; take classes with students who share your interests or major.

Instant Connections
Join a community of first-year students who are engaged and excited about your discipline or interest.

Hands-on Learning
Gain practical experience through field trips, projects, and tours with faculty and staff in your major or interest.

Support Network From Day One
Work closely with professors, peer mentors, Humboldt staff, and professionals who will help you grow academically and personally.

Transition Curriculum
Take a course that covers college basics (such as campus resources and study habits) and explore what it means to explore your major, interests, and self.

Native American Studies Curriculum
Take a GE course that expands the way you see the world and exposes you to Indigenous knowledge systems and values.

Optional Themed Housing
Live with other students in your PBLC! It’s a great way to meet people and make friends.

Welcome Week
Begin your semester by exploring connections to the local region and connecting with faculty and staff on campus through hands-on activities with your peers!